Well, hello there stranger!

Don’t you just hate biased and fake reviews? Me too.

Honestly Reviewed is a place for reviews that are made as my hobby of sorts, and not as a main part of an income. Essentially meaning that I don’t have to care about making bad reviews or saying what needs to be said.

Thus I can express myself freely and say for example that I’d rather gouge my eyes with a rusty spoon than use the product I’m reviewing – if it deserves it. Likewise, I’ll try to give praise wherever it is deserved and any insight I have gained that I think someone else might find useful.

All that being said, I will still massively appreciate if you use the Amazon links provided when purchasing from Amazon.co.uk (at absolutely no extra cost to you) – so that I can at least cover the costs of hosting the website and maybe even get a bit of pocket money so that I can buy new things to be reviewed!

So if any of the information on this website has been helpful to you, do share some love and use the links provided!
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