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This isn’t exactly a review typical to this website, but rather a collection what I think you should get for your rabbit if you want to order rabbit accessories from Amazon. After having had the pleasure of owning two destructive little terrors (rabbits) for over 4 years – I just thought I’d share my favourite rabbit accessories.

Let’s hop straight into it! (Sorry, had to.)

The Best Rabbit Accessory to Get is a Proper Litter Tray!

I’ll get the hands-down best purchase mentioned first: This Stainless Steel Litter Tray (Amazon Link) meant for cats. I’ve tried a few different types of litter trays like the plastic corner ones, and with those the buns just make a right ol’ mess of things.

I do have to point out that this tray is probably a bit too steep for the smallest & newborn buns – so maybe not the first tray to get. But whenever your buns have grown a bit and you want to get them a decent indoor litter tray – this is the one to go for!


Stainless Steel Litter Tray


For example: While my rabbits are litter-trained, they would sometimes accidentally have their bums hanging out when doing their business in the typical corner trays like this or this (Amazon Links), and end up peeing or pooing right out of the litter tray! And if not that, it was extremely easy (and I guess fun) for them to just dig out all the litter & poo on the floor.

But, no worries with this one! No more scrubbin’ piss off the floor nor picking up piles of poo and litter! Horray!

The large size is a good size for two rabbits (or heck even 4) to be used at the same time, and because it has such high edges the mess is mostly contained inside. Sometimes the odd bit or bob can come out when hopping out from the tray but that is inevitable. Oh and the stainless steel is so much easier to clean and smells a lot less too vs. the plastic ones.

The only downside of this tray is the metal that can be a bit more slippery than the plastic ones are – so if you skimp on the litter & hay the tray might be a bit on the slippery side!

Here’s an actual picture for measure with out French Lop:

(In case you are wondering: The metal chequer plate in this picture is something I got to protect the floor due to the previous inferior litter trays as metal is a lot easier to clean than carpet. However, it doesn’t serve the same purpose anymore; the buns just like to cool off on it every now and then so I let them keep it!)

Hay Rack / Feeder for Rabbits

Again, I’ve tried all sorts of racks and gadgets for hay with different levels of success. I’d steer away with anything that uses plastic or wood in construction as they won’t last for a long time. Instead, go for a metal wire rack that gives easy means for your bun to pull the hay out.

In the picture above you can see the one I’m using, but this isn’t actually the most ideal as it has little hooks on both sides (potentially dangerous) and it folds so it can make a right ol’ racket at times. (Probably meant for attaching to the top of a small cage?)

If I were to replace the one I’m using now I’d get something like this (Amazon Link). As in, metal, solid construction, and wide gaps.:

Rabbit Hay Rack Wire

The only downside with this type of hay rack is that if you use them with a wired pen/cage the hay will fall behind the darned things as well. That’s why I made a DIY-hay-back-panel from an old roof slate (again, as pictured above) to stop the hay from falling behind their pen.

PS. Make sure to put some hay down as well and not only into the tray – I’m using the tray more so as a complimentary place for some fresh hay in case they want to pull some down after making a mess on the hay already in the litter tray.

Rabbit Litter

I’ve tried most if not all options that are safe to give to rabbits, and my favourite type of litter is again one meant for cats: Pettex Pampuss Wooden Pellets (Amazon Link). It is quite cheap, goes a long way – and definitely not harmful for the buns!

Rabbit Litter - Petter Pampuss Cat Litter

If the price of Pettex has gone up I usually get CJ’s Premium (Amazon Link) or Extra Select (Amazon Link). I’ve tried Amazon’s own brand a few times and found it to be a bit mushier even if it costs about the same so I’d steer clear of that one.

Boredom Breakers & Rabbit Toys

As rabbits like to chew and eat literally everything, you will go through lots and lots of different boredom breakers – or they will go through lots and lots of your furniture and belongings. Once again, I’ve tested lots of different types of toys and boredom breakers and the only things I keep reordering are the Rosewood Chill-n-Chew Mats (Amazon Link) and these Balls by Rosewood (Amazon Link).



Don’t waste your money on the expensive  and colourful toys with pictures of carrots and other nonsense. Those are just marketed for the rabbit owners rather than made for the rabbits themselves. Every time I’ve tried one of those things the little turds have been more interested about the boxes and the packaging the toys have come in than the actual toys. So – in addition to real boredom breakers like previously mentioned just throw in the odd empty bog roll tube or a cardboard box they can destroy (making sure they don’t eat any of the tape/plastics!).

I’ll just mention one actual “toy” that I think is worth getting, and that’s a Trixie Plastic Snack Ball (Amazon Link). The ball is very durable and a simple way to get your buns active and entertained for a moment if you hide a few nuggets in the ball. You can also easily adjust the size of the hole making it harder / easier for the treats to come out.

Trixie Plastic Snack Ball, 7 cm, Assorted Colors ( Blue/ Yellow )

Rabbit Pen

Instead of a cage you can buy for rabbits and other small animals, I’d like to recommend giving your buns a decent area they will be happy to stay in. A decent bunny-proof area can be accomplished by using something like this Heavy Duty Dog Pen from Pawhut (Amazon Link). These pens are also great as  you have the flexibility to change the shape and size of the pen at later stage! Our buns are enjoying the Large size pen – which ensures it’s high enough in case you have elevated rabbit accessories like a hutch inside the pen.

Rabbit Hutch

If you have your rabbits in an open pen you want to give them a safe place to hide in. A place from which you will never get them from yourself – so they will feel a lot happier and safer knowing that they have a safe place to hide in. A hutch like this (Amazon Link) is a great value option for this for up to 2 rabbits.

I’ve now bought the hutch three times on Amazon myself – and I’ve only replaced it because it started to look a bit worse for wear. Which brings me to the two downsides to this wooden hutch: The roof material will be very hard to get clean if your buns have an accidental poo or wee on the top, and if your rabbit starts thumping on the hutch it’s like a little drum that will not be very entertaining in the middle of the night. But in saying that, I’m sure that’ll scare the living hell out of any unwanted visitors in your house!

Tunnels for Rabbits

Tunnels are very entertaining for rabbits, but every tunnel you can buy in pet stores and on Amazon are essentially different types of death-traps that will not last for a long time. So if you plan on buying a tunnel prepare yourself emotionally to buy a new one in case your bun likes to burrow & chew the tunnels as they will not last for a long time.

My destroyers have shredded more than a handful of different types of tunnels; including several of these seemingly popular Rosewood Small Animal Tunnels (Amazon Link). But the tunnel that has lasted the longest is a different type of a tunnel (Amazon Link) as pictured below.

Best Rabbit Accessories on Amazon

PS. If you buy a tunnel always cut off excess velcro, labels, and other dangly bits your bunny might find interesting to eat. And check your tunnel almost daily for any metal parts that might be poking out from the tears or if any plastic is being eaten or if there is fabric missing!

Rabbit Nuggets / Pellets

There are actually not that many companies that seem to have a decent sounding ingredient list for their rabbit nuggets. I’m not a nutritional expert, but I try to use common sense and avoid nuggets that have added sugar or ingredients that can clearly be just identified as byproducts of other industries. Would you like a bit of soybean husk with added corn syrup for taste? No, didn’t think so.

My preference is to go with something healthier (and not too costly) like Harrington’s Optimum (Amazon Link) or Supreme Science Selective (Amazon Link). Whatever you go with please go through the ingredient list first! You’d be surprised how much sugary crap there is!

PS. Nuggets are not supposed to be the main food source – hay & fresh stuff is. In saying that, if you give nuggets every day to your buns please make sure they are not the unhealthiest ones!

Rabbit Treats

On the note of unhealthy sugary crap, I wouldn’t recommend buying treats made for your rabbit. About 99% of the treats I’ve seen are just filled with dairy, sugar and byproducts of different industries and pressed into funny shapes and marketed as ‘rabbit treats’.

Instead, most of us will have perfectly bunny-safe treats freshly available every day. Got a garden? Clip a bit of fresh grass for your bun! Making dinner? Give a few leaves of spinach, bit of broccoli, or some herb they like! Making brekkie? Cut a thin slice of apple or banana for your bun!

Just make sure you don’t give too much sugar and other harmful things to your bun, and do study what you are allowed to give to your rabbits. You’ll be surprised how much you already use yourself on daily basis or have around you that you can give as a treat!

PS. Only ‘treat’ I approve of currently are Loftys by Vitakraft (Amazon Link) but their price is a bit steep on Amazon so I’d try to find them elsewhere unless the price comes down to about £2 a pack. But they still are just a treat you shouldn’t give too many of any treat to your bun unless you want to give Type 2 Bunnybetes to your rabbit as they are mostly cereals.

Rabbit Hay

Hay is probably the most important thing for your bunny’s well-being, and unfortunately ordering bags of hay is such a hit and miss experience on Amazon. The price also seems to fluctuate a LOT on Amazon due to changes in supply & seasonality – to the extent that I don’t recommend ordering unless as a last resort.

I think I’ve ordered about 20 times of different types and brands of hay from Amazon, and been let down 19 times with mushy, dusty, and awful quality hay – and usually it’s been overpriced. So if you are going to pay for overpriced hay – just go with the nice stuff like Burgess Excel (Amazon Link) or similar so you know you are at least receiving something edible!

The best thing for getting decent quality hay is to just go to your local pet shop and you can see exactly what you are buying!

Right, that’s about it. Hope this long read has been insightful about rabbit accessories and other things to get your bun from Amazon, or at least entertaining! If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to pop a comment and I’ll get right back to you! -Toni

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  • Fraser Runciman

    Hi Thanks for this information.
    Could you give me any advice regarding a rabbits sleeping area we have a large outside wooden hutch but not sure how to best kit out the bedding area. Thanks

    • Hi Fraser, unfortunately I’m not certain what the best outdoor rabbit bedding would be – as there are different considerations vs. indoor buns such as keeping them warm. But whatever will be used, it needs to be plentiful and changed often.

      There seem to be lots of recommendations for just plain stray & hay as bedding so that they can stay warm and cozy.

      Found a couple of sites on the topic but I think this one was the most thorough with more than a few ideas:

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