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S.O.S. ! (Save Our Shirts)

I travel for work and for me it’s quite important that I can have a shirt that isn’t creased, so I decided to invest in a travel steamer that I carry around with me every single time I travel abroad. I bought the steamer in September 2016 for £13.34 on Amazon. And I have been using it at least biweekly ever since. While this is probably just a very cheap generic steamer, that’s made somewhere in China and someone’s decided to import a batch and stamp their own (albeit weird) brand on the product and try to make a bit of profit… It still servers the purpose surprisingly well!

Check out the latest price and full product description on Amazon:
BuySShow Garment Steamer, Portable Mini Travel Steamer, Fabric Steamer, Powerful Fast Heat-up Handheld Steamer with Brush

While this little steamer has nothing on normal household-size steamers or vs. a normal iron when it comes to getting the shirts rid of creases, it does a fairly good job. Here’s an example of a thick white shirt I have that shows every crease: (On the right you can see the condition of the shirt, and on the left how the travel steamer does its job after a few gentle downward brushes)

The cord length is also very important when using a steamer, and this steamer just barely has a long enough cord to easily steam your clothes from the majority of the socket locations you might find on-the-go (Just barely is good: Don’t want to carry around too much of cord) :

Do I think you should get one?

For home use? Probably not. Ok, definitely not. Got it? Good. Using this would drive you mad.

For travel and just a couple of shirts? And if you are staying over hotels that do not have ironing or steaming gear? Then definitely, or probably something similar*. Only downside to this model in particular is that the build quality feels very cheap and it’s effectively a tiny travel-kettle with a funny nozzle with a detachable brush. But then again, I didn’t pay much for it so there’s still a fair amount of value in the mix. And you obviously have to keep it upright when operating it so that you don’t pour hot water all over the place or scald yourself.

Now, while I’m happy using this product in question, I feel like I probably should have invested the extra £20-30 and gotten something of a bit better quality. Effectively everything up to £30-£40 looks like a cheap little travel kettle with a funny nozzle… And probably needs to be operated in the same upright-way. But when the last fizz comes out of this little puppy, I’m probably going to try something a bit more expensive and streamlined (hoping it will be easier to pack in the tiny suitcases EasyJet allows) like this*:

Check out the latest price and full product description on Amazon:
Aicok Garment Steamer 1000W Fast Up Heating Portable Travel Steamer Generator with Brush, Mitt and Travel Pouch

BuySShow Garment Steamer, Portable Mini Travel Steamer, Fabric Steamer, Powerful Fast Heat-up Handheld Steamer with Brush

The Good!

  • Cheap
  • Simple to use
  • Works surprisingly well
  • Could make a cup of tea with it

The Bad!

  • Made with fairly cheap materials
  • Upright operation
  • Maybe a tiny bit on the bulky side
85 %
Build Quality
60 %
90 %
Portability - Weight
90 %
Portability - Size
60 %

Travel Steamer

It does what it's supposed to. It's a very simple solution for a very simple problem. Nothing bad to say about the steamer so far. Using the steamer can be a bit 'challenging' in the beginning, especially if you can't hang your shirt anywhere properly. But just bring a hanger with you on your travels and that's sorted and say bye-bye to creases. Now I feel like I've said the word 'crease' a few times too many. I better stop. Crease out!

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