12 Volt Universal Motorbike Compact Alarm System Review

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Not everything generic is bad.

Or… Well… Perhaps some (most) of generic things you can buy, especially electronics can be quite bad in terms of quality and pretty much everything else. But this universal 12 volt alarm makes an exception to that list. And it doesn’t definitely break your bank! It doesn’t look expensive, but it does what it’s meant to.

I purchased this alarm in June 2015 for £18.99 and been using the item ever since with my bike. The installation itself was a breeze as I only opted to connect the wires directly to my battery and all you have to do is use the two-sided tape they provide and stick the alarm somewhere (Quite likely under your seat). However, I do have to point out that the installation instructions were a bit lacking, but this is the case with most cheap Chinese products so you just learn to live with it and use common sense. All you have to do after the easy installation; is to use the one key on the key fob to toggle different levels of sensitivity until you find the one that suits you the best.

My chosen sensitivity sets the alarm off if there’s a smallest bump to the bike, or if someone sits on it. Sometimes it goes off if a very loud car or a bike revs right next to it. But other than that, rain and wind won’t be setting it off if you manage to find the right setting depending on your bike and where you put the alarm.

Check out the latest price and full product description on Amazon:
12v 12 Volt Universal Fit for Motorbike Motorcycle Scooter Quad Bike Compact Alarm System – Non Intrusive – No Cutting Wires Remote Control

As mentioned, the installation is super easy and I opted to just put it under the seat where there was space and connect the alarm to the battery:

Do I think you should get one?

Well, consider this… The alarm system is good for you if:

  • You’re on a budget
  • You want peace of mind
  • You don’t need anything that brings down your insurance cost
  • You value functionality and effectiveness over price and brands

If you answered yes, yes, yes – then I’d definitely recommend that you go with something like this. You can’t go wrong a 20 quid alarm that works a bit ‘too well’.

12v 12 Volt Universal Fit for Motorbike Motorcycle Scooter Quad Bike Compact Alarm System - Non Intrusive - No Cutting Wires Remote Control

The Good!

  • Loud
  • Simple
  • Very good value for money
  • Key fob range is very good (with new batteries at least)
  • Reliable
  • Option to attach to starter relay/solenoid

The Bad!

  • Loud is the only level
  • The key fobs look cheap
  • Installation and setup instructions lacking
  • Batteries included supbar
90 %
Build Quality
50 %
90 %
Key Fob Working Range
80 %
Installation Process & Fine-Tuning
70 %
99 %

The siren of seven hells - for not an awful lot of money

All in all very pleased with this generic alarm. And it is very generic indeed. It does look like someone's just imported it from china and slapped their own brand on it. But who cares? It works, it's cheap as chips, and effective. Alarms like these won't stop your bike from getting stolen if someone is determined, but it will very likely deter or scare the potential thieves away with ease 99% of the times. This will definitely make you sleep better at night. And as long as you drive your bike every now and then the alarm can be on for a couple of weeks even without any issues as long as your battery is in good condition.

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