HonestlyReviewed.co.uk is the home of unbiased and honest reviews

All of the products being reviewed will be bought by myself for myself. This will be done in the most unbiased and honest manner possible.

If you think about it, people who are ‘affiliate marketers’ and write ‘reviews’ full-time, are of course biased in their reviews. Their livelihood is based on driving sales through their reviews. And that’s what’s kind of wrong with such reviews, that are written by people who write reviews full-time. ‘Reviewception’ of sorts, if you may.

Who wants to read biased reviews? What value do they really offer? If you search for a review, would you expect the person writing the review to point out something that’s wrong with the product to the extent the fault deserves? Of course you would!

Being unbiased is the very core idea of HonestlyReviewed.co.uk and that’s the way it is going to be. This is not my main source of income, so if I find that a product is not worth buying; I will say it is not worth buying knowing well that it will cost me. As it’s not my main source of income, I will manage somehow with the consequences… Not that I’m rolling in money, but I’d be happy to cover the website costs at least with this weird little hobby of mine. And I’d be very happy to get even a bit out of this, so that I can spend that money on more ‘gadgets’ (as my dearest other half would say) that I can write further reviews on.

So: I will use affiliate links on the pages in any case, and I will greatly appreciate you using them! But I will just tell you to not buy something or buy something else, if something isn’t worth buying. I’m hoping I will be able to provide something of value to you, so you are happy to use the links I provide.

Reviews shouldn’t be just biased promotional content to promote personal wealth. Nor should they be about just someone unboxing a new toy and listing out the specifications. A review should be honest, to the point, and provide the necessary information so the reader can either make the purchase decision – or the decision to not purchase.

And folks, that’s what it’s all about!


Review Framework & Criteria:

The scores will be between 1%-100% and then a final average score will be given for the review. 1% being the absolute worst I can think of, and 100% being the very best that I can think of. So most likely no aspect of a product will get a full 100% (or 1% score). Unless I’m 100% sure that some aspect of a product couldn’t be any better. Considering the fact that I like a good moan and am very sceptical, that’s not very likely.

I will always review the three main criteria I value the most in a product:

1. Value

Let’s say I like to get my money’s worth. I like to buy ‘nice things’, but I don’t like to pay too much to get them. I’ve been called Scottish a few times, but I’d like to think it’s more about being sensible.

2. Build Quality

Another very important aspect of a product. I sometimes invest in ‘nicer things’ because I expect them to last. And even if the products aren’t as ‘nice’, they should be still well-made.

3. Functionality

Does it do what it’s supposed to? Is it easy to use? And does it serve its purpose? Probably one of the most important things if what you buy does what it’s expected to – because what use would it be otherwise?

4… 5… 6… etc

And then additionally a maybe couple of more characteristics that describe the product that’s being reviewed.

Because not all products are the same, so the review framework shouldn’t be either!

Is this very consistent? Maybe not, but the point is to convey my opinion of the product as well as I can.

Pros and Cons

I will always point out what I think is good, and what I think is bad with the product.

Do I think you should get one?

Also, I will tell you what I think if you should get one or not. Because a review should hold valuable information and usually people looking for reviews are planning on a purchase!


Now, this might be the most important thing. If my views were to change more than slightly on a product I have reviewed, I will take the time to amend the existing review so it would prove to be valuable. My aim is not to just keep on creating new content, but also keep the existing content valid as well! If a product breaks apart completely, I will tell you about it – because you’d want me to.


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