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In my original review I was quite impressed with the vast amount of functionality that the backpack boasted, and the seemingly robust and high quality materials used. But now I’m sad to say that the backpack in addition to what I’d say is normal wear-and-tear, has started to burst from its seams…. Now of course, things have a lifespan but this backpack cost too much to just shrug it falling apart off completely and accept it as just another Razer product that has broken down.

I will contact Razer directly and update this post and the original review accordingly.

Update 13/07/2018:
Sent Razer the following message:

“Hi there! I’ve had the Tactical Pro Backpack since 2016 November (OrderNo. XXXXXX) and the backpack has started to burst apart quite badly from its seams (Image URL). I’ve never had anything heavy in it, just a slim 13″ laptop and the odd office stationary or my camera. So, I just was wondering if there is any Warranty or way that I could have that sorted out as for me that’s not normal wear and tear and a backpack of that price should last normal use way longer? Thanks”

Update (Quick Update) 09/08/2018:

I finally heard back from the support, and after exchanging a few mails I’ve been provided with a FedEx label to send the backpack back to them, and then should receive a coupon worth what I’ve spent to order a replace product… So fingers crossed and let’s see what happens! *to be continued*

Pictures after a bit more than a year’s worth of use (no heavy use or abuse, just fairly frequent):


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  • Any updates?

    • Hey! Been inactive with the reviewing but just to quickly recap: I did contact Razer directly and they asked me to send it to a location in Belgium with their own FedEx label, and then I got a brand new one the following week or so – so quite pleased with Razer Support! The new bag has been in use for a couple of months and is running strong still.

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