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Psycho Juice 70% Habanero by Dr. Burnörium’s

After tasting that slightly awful Evil One I wanted to try something else that would be hopefully a lot nicer. Some thing a bit more authentic and more of an actual hot sauce: So I opened up the Triple Pack of Dr. Burnörium’s 70% sauces that have really good reviews and by looking at the list of ingredients, we might be on to something here! 70% actual chilies in the sauce? Great! I mean… It could be more but let’s not be too picky. (Because they really don’t cost that much!)

I do have to give extra credit for the rather funny packaging and branding which calls for you just to shut up and take your damn medicine (the hot sauce).

Consistency and Ingredients

The sauce itself is rather runny, which can be explained with water being the second ingredient on the list (even with added Xanthan Gum for thickness). And it’s actually so runny that you might use a bit too much of it than you would like – so pour with caution! (I tried to aim for a 1/5th of a teaspoon but ended up filling the whole spoon pretty much as pictured – So I will find out very shortly as I’m writing this how much I regret that… But I am not too intimidated by habaneros as their burn can be quite enjoyable even if very much painful.

But even if it’s a bit runny you can clearly see it’s got some authentic body to it: Seeds & other bits and bobs of the habanero are definitely there. Which is nice to see and it all should just add to the overall taste and experience.

List of Ingredients as on the bottle:

  • 70% Habanero Pepper
  • Water
  • Carrot
  • Onion
  • Cane Vinegar
  • Garlic
  • Salt
  • Lemon Juice
  • Ascorbic Acid
  • Xanthan Gum


Instantly brought a smile to my face. You can clearly smell that it’s got habaneros, and frankly if it didn’t smell like this with 70% habaneros supposedly in the sauce – then something would be really off. So far so good! Very nice and fruity smell that is very characteristic to habanero.

Taste & Burn

I really didn’t have to regret taking a full spoonful of the sauce at all – as the heat doesn’t artificially punch you in the face or anything but rather nicely builds up or lingers. It’s quite hard to decide if this is actually that hot or not. I’ve definitely had A LOT hotter fresh habaneros than the sauce is.

*Better help myself to another spoonful so I can make up my mind*

Right – now we’re getting somewhere – but actually… Still not that hot. The heat is definitely there but it doesn’t shock or overpower you at all, you might be able to build up a real sweat with this is you for example were to eat something and use a lot of t his as a sauce as you go – like chicken wings.

*Maybe just one more tiny spoonful*

Still very pleasant and not too hot at all. If you’re not used to hot things this would probably be very hot for you. But if you’re more like me and don’t find Tabasco & Sriracha hot at all: You probably won’t find this actually hot either.


Even if the sauce was slightly on the watery side, it is very tasty and addicting! For a habanero sauce it’s definitely on the lower end of the burn-scale – but now I just want to try the ‘next one up’ from the Psycho Juice Triple Pack! And it’s so cheap too! I can’t believe I paid so little for three bottles if all of them will be this nice. The packaging claims the Heat Level to be 8 – but I’d rate this more of a 4 between 1-10.

If I were to describe Psycho Juice 70% Habanero in one sentence:

Fruity and packed with a mild, pleasant and a tasty kick, just like you would expect and want milder habanero sauce to be like.

Or a shorter sentence: Damn tasty.

If you would like to purchase this or something else from – Please do feel free to click through the provided links:

Psycho Juice 70% Habanero (Amazon Link)

Or you can get better value for your money by getting the 70% Habanero in the Triple Pack that included two hotter varietes:

Psycho Juice Gift Box 70 Percent Collection 1 (Amazon Link)

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