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CompuCleaner Electric Air Duster – The only air duster you will ever need for cleaning your computer (or whatever needs a bit of ‘blowing’)

Note: As per with my previous review, I have taken some pictures of my own but will have to upload and update them when I have the time. (01/09/2018)

Update (05/11/2019): Looks like I completely forgot to upload the actual pictures (oops!), but since I just finished cleaning my refrigerator coils in about 2 minutes time with almost no effort I thought I better upload those pictures here and mention how pleased I have been with this CompuCleaner. I think I’ve owned it for over a year now and used it probably to just clean all things from computers and radiators to now refrigerators that aren’t performing as they should be for about…. 20 cans’ worth of compressed air? Although this is not comparable with the cans you can buy because you can clean so much better with this. So while the price tag may seem a bit steep, you’ll save so much more money in the end not only in the sense that this is cheaper to run over long time, but also because it’s so powerful and easy to use that you will save money on repairing the damages caused by dust & overheating.

So, here’s before and after of my fridge’s coils:

And of course use a pair of protective glasses and a dust mask & have your hoover sucking the dust as you start cleaning – so you don’t just move the mess from whatever you are cleaning elsewhere!

Right, back to the original review…

As you probably can gather from the title, I absolutely love this thing (yes, even if it sounds a bit sad and/or weird) – but at the same time I feel so stupid for buying and buying cans of compressed air over and over again…. Just should have done the investment for an electric one ages ago and I would have saved so much money!

Check out the latest price and full product description on Amazon:ITDusters CompuCleaner Original 2 – Electric Air Duster (Amazon Link)

I have used this so far without any issues to clean my:

  • Computer
  • Laptop
  • Camera Lenses
  • TV
  • Router

… Basically this is well suited for cleaning anything that you can clean by blowing air into to get the dust out!

Holy horsepower!

Well, in actuality the air duster boasts 500 Watts so only 0.67 horsepower – which is still plenty of kick for the purpose! But even if the body is quite heavy for a plastic device like this (which speaks of quality), you can still feel a tiny bit of sideways torque from the engine when you’re using the electric air duster.

So… despite my usual colourful language and slight occasional exaggerations, this electric air duster is so powerful there won’t be any question if it’s powerful enough. If something, you should pay attention not to have the smallest nozzle too close to the most delicate of things you might clean with this, so that you don’t end up breaking your equipment!

But for general fans and the fins different cooling elements that your electronics might be constructed of – there’s almost no risk of breaking anything and with such it’s just matter of blasting away. And maybe keep a hoover running on the receiving end so you don’t cover your whole room in grey dust that’s been building up in your beloved PC or laptop!

The only downside so far…

Is the sound that the electric air duster makes. It’s not too loud to be painful, but it sure is loud! One way to describe the sound is; that if someone crammed 10 hairdryers into a smaller format and this is what you would get sound-wise.

But in saying that, it’s not much of a complaint because the CompuCleaner electric air duster gets the job done so quickly that you won’t have to endure the racket for more than a few seconds at time! But feel free to prepare for the sound emotionally or physically by getting a pair of earplugs (Amazon Link).

Do I think you should get one?

If want to clean your computer, laptop, or whatever… Then an absolute yes, yes and yes once more!

I’m certain you will find out that you’ll clean more of the things you haven’t cleaned before, due to the limitations of the compressed air cans! As now you will be able to just blast all the dust away from all of your electronics without having to worry if you will run out of gas or not! And if you do indeed end up cleaning more of your electronics, you’ll end up saving more money as your devices are not overheating or breaking as frequently when receiving a bit of CompuCleaner-TLC!

So does 40 odd quid sound like a lot for a thing that blows air? Sure. You just need to consider this as an investment, because that’s what it is. Just remember that it will pay for itself surprisingly quickly, and you will never have to worry about running out of gas again!

There’s also an “Expert” Version of the CompuCleaner electric air duster, but without even looking into it and finding out what the difference is apart from the colour and shape, I can say with utter certainty this is the only one someone will ever need in terms of functionality and effectiveness.

Check out the latest price and full product description on Amazon:ITDusters CompuCleaner Original 2 – Electric Air Duster (Amazon Link)

CompuCleaner Electric Air Duster Review

The Good!

  • Gets the job done very quickly and efficiently
  • No mess like some air cans do, especially if held upside down
  • It will pay for itself after some uses vs. cans
  • Nice build quality even if mostly plastic
  • 3 nozzles included to control the flow speed and area

The Bad!

95 %
Build Quality
90 %
95 %
45 %

Just wish I would have gotten this electric air duster earlier!

As it's probably quite clear by now, I think this CompuCleaner electric air duster is absolutely brilliant! Even if it sounds like you're holding a Cat 5 hurricane in your hands - the time you use it is so short as it gets the job done so quickly that you won't mind! And if in doubt just put a pair of earplugs in. This electric air duster just is something every household needs, if you are not dusting your electric equipment from your PC to TV - you better start now! (Or tomorrow, Amazon usually delivers by tomorrow)

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