Does this page really need a FAQ?

Hah. No, it really doesn’t.

I guess I’m just trying to be funny, or to make a point of sorts so I don’t get people asking me to review their products.

Are you making lots of money from the affiliate links?

Not really. On average less than £10 a month.

As stated on front page this is a hobby and probably my rant-esque style of content isn’t the best for driving sales – as it’s just for your entertainment and information.

See example below: (Now that everyone is at home on COVID-19 Lockdown and ordering from Amazon I made more than a tenner! Hozzah!)

So yeah…. Using the links in case ordering something is much appreciated to cover the cost of my website(s)!

I would like you to review my product. Where can I send it?

Thanks… but no thanks. Really. It doesn’t matter if I would get a discount, a product for free, or whatever. I will just review products I have purchased myself and for my own use, and therefore; no thanks.

If you have products you want people to review, the best thing for you to do as a seller or a manufacturer is to ensure that people like the products and good reviews shall come – simple as!

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