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Prem-I-Air Fan Review – Cheap and cheerful cooling for the summer heat!

Their claim is as follows: The Prem-I-Air 16″ (40 cm) Desk Fan features 3 speed settings, an oscillating function for wider air distribution and an adjustable fan head which allows you to angle the fan and hit the right spot. Fitted with a simple button control panel which is easy-to-use and made with a modern design and quiet operation, this attractive Desk Fan is ideal for home or small office use.” 

A very simple claim, but I can completely agree with everything said in a product description so far: After all, it’s a very simple (but effective) fan with no extra thrills you don’t know about already. Owned one of these a decade ago? Great! It’s still exactly the same. Two decades? Yep, still the same! Maybe the plastic used has changed and the build quality overall has declined thanks to the competitiveness of the market, but it still does the trick (and very well so)!

As they haven’t listed the features at Prem-I-Air, I’d list the specifications as follows:

  • 3 Speed Settings
  • Tilt Control
  • Quiet
  • Oscillation
  • 1.1-1.2 metre power cable (Roughly measured)

Check out the latest price and full product description on Amazon:

Prem-I-Air 16″ (40 cm) White Oscillating Desktop Fan with 3 Speed Settings (Amazon Link)

Effective but Quiet

The fan makes a perfect bedroom fan and otherwise for sleeping because it’s so quiet on the lowest setting but still produces a very pleasantly powerful of a breeze. It’s actually quiet enough for sleeping on the third setting still, but then it would be too windy in the bedroom to sleep! It’s also definitely powerful enough for even a bit larger rooms as the 40cm blades get the air moving like a breeze (har har).

It works very well indeed, but I do have one scrutiny….

… and that’s the materials used or the build quality. But this is of course because the fan is so cheap, which is fine as long as you know that you’re getting what you’re paying for. And because of the cheapness the assembly was not as straight-forward as hoped: For example the base didn’t clip in that easily when putting the fan together.

Also weirdly enough on the packaging it showed blue buttons, but the actual fan received has white ones – but I’m sure we all are capable of differentiating between the 4 buttons regardless:

Prem-I-Air Fan Review

The metal grill didn’t sit completely perfectly either, but it could have been damaged in the delivery or I just received a tiny bit wonky one (but it still does the job well!):

Prem-I-Air Fan Review - Metal Grill

Check out the latest price and full product description on Amazon:

Prem-I-Air 16″ (40 cm) White Oscillating Desktop Fan with 3 Speed Settings (Amazon Link)

And here are some additional pictures, because a plastic fan is such an exciting thing after all:

Prem-I-Air Fan Review - Closeup Rear

Yes, quite plastic indeed:

Prem-I-Air Fan Review - Closeup Front

Still very plastic, different shades of plastic I might add!

Prem-I-Air Fan Review 2

Yep! Still white, and pretty plastic!

Do I think you should get one?

Short answer: Yes!

Longer answer: I can recommend the Prem-I-Air 16″ fan completely for anyone who’s looking for a cheap fan solution for the worst heat. And as long as you don’t mind the plastic feel and looks to the fan, then there shouldn’t be any other worries! As long as you don’t pay more than £20-£30 it’s totally worth it! Any more than that, I would probably buy one of the more premium ones (unless their prices have been bumped up too due to the surge in demand that always happens with heatwaves).

Check out the latest price and full product description on Amazon:

Prem-I-Air 16″ (40 cm) White Oscillating Desktop Fan with 3 Speed Settings (Amazon Link)

Prem-I-Air Fan Review

The Good!

  • Cheap
  • Effective
  • Low Noise

The Bad!

  • Made in China (And quite cheaply - but it works so who cares!)
100 %
Build Quality
70 %
90 %
Noise Levels
90 %
95 %

Cheap and cheerful indeed!

Honestly, when you buy one of these fans you know exactly what you'll get. As long as it doesn't make any annoying resonating sounds or burst into flames, then it's perfect! This is a very old design, and the reason these are still made is because the design is cheap to produce and it works like a charm. And with the Prem-I-Air the only minus was the not 100% perfectly made parts, which made assembly a tiny bit painful... But it's cheap and works so who cares! And even if you usually get what you pay for, unless you plan to use the fan throughout the whole year it really doesn't matter if it's not the most stylish or the snazziest one. Keep it cool!

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