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Wedo Stapleless Stapler – The perfect (bad) gift idea

I’ll get to the point quickly and very clearly: I do not like this damn thing one bit. I absolutely hate it. There are two main issues for me in this and they are: The (un)ease of use and the fact that how well it works in what it’s supposed to do – because it doesn’t. These only do not make you wonder if it’s a good purchase or not (it’s not by the way), but also wonder the reason to its existence – but as mentioned in the title: It might be the perfect bad gift idea… Let’s get to it!

Stapleless Stapler - the Perfect Bad Gift

Stapleless Stapler – How does it work?

Well – the answer in this case is: it doesn’t. Not well at least. It works sort of for 2 sheets of paper, and for such purposes that you don’t mind if the papers separate shortly. Which kind of makes me want to answer the question, did you need to staple them in the first place? I have found that the way the stapleless stapler puts the papers together comes very easily undone if the papers are handed around or moved.

And to make things worse, it’s very hard to use the stapler accurately as it’s very poorly designed, and you literally cannot see what you’re doing. So if you need to staple something nicely you might end up having to print whatever you wanted stapled again, after you’ve ruined it with this ‘Eco-friendly’ contraption. Nothing says Eco-friendly like having to print things again, right!?

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The Purpose?

Now, one of the key selling points of such a gadget is that you never have to worry about if you have staples or not… Ok, fair point. However: The realistic worries about if the stapleless stapler is actually going to work on whatever you may have a need to staple, outweighs the benefits clearly. This has come painfully clear to me 96.3% of the time I need something stapled. There is no way this will take care of a normal person’s or a normal business’s stapling needs. So you will always HAVE TO own a normal stapler and the staples to such. So – what is the actual benefit of this? It could be practical for the times when you want to be conceived as an Eco-friendly schmuck, who thinks the world is saved by owning a gadget that isn’t fit for its supposed purpose?

How about don’t print in the first place if you’re so Eco-conscious?

The only realistic use for this, that I can think of is: If someone handed out essays that needed stapling on why he or she is a Vegan, and to let everyone know what a great person and how much impact he or she is having in making the world a better place… but let’s face it there would be more than two pages on that topic so this gadget would be useless.

Do I think you should buy this?

No. Not for yourself anyways, and not for anyone you care about. Please. Just no.

However – this would make a brilliant bad gift if you have to buy someone a gift who is the kind of a person who can’t just shut up about how Eco-friendly they are, and whom you at least loathe or dislike a tiny bit… And therefore you would find comfort in knowing that you’ve made someone’s life just that tiny bit more miserable than it already was because of the disgrace of a person that they were in the first place.

But please do not buy it for yourself. Such misery and agony should only be gifted to the people you consider to be your worst enemies – and are into virtue-signalling about how Eco-friendly they are.

“But … but I’m Eco-friendly if I buy this!”

No you’re not.

Right, this was more of a rant than a review – but there you go. The Stapleless Stapler is probably one of, if not the most useless thing I’ve ever purchased myself. And literally the only purpose I can recommend it for is to purchase as a bad gift for someone you don’t like very much.

Check out the latest price and full product description on Amazon:
Wedo 127154 Stapleless Stapler (Amazon Link)

Wedo Stapleless Stapler

The Good!

  • Perfect Bad Gift

The Bad!

  • Unpractical
  • Unreliable
  • Unfit for purpose
  • Useless
10 %
Build Quality
15 %
10 %

Stapleless Stapler

I think the review has made it fairly clear... But let's put it clearly: This is one of the most useless things I have ever purchased in my life. I'm honestly struggling to find anything good to say about this as I'm thinking about the pros and cons. I can't even compliment the build quality as it looks like it's just a cheaply moulded plastic contraption with a shiny coating of sorts. Is that a pro? That it's shiny? I guess we'll have to go with that. If you're looking for a shiny thing disregarding the actual purpose - then look no further! No seriously, don't get this. There are better shiny things that have better bang-for-buck value like aluminium foil. But as mentioned earlier: If you're looking for a bad gift for a person who can't shut up about how Eco-friendly they are... Then this might be what you want!

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