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Victorinox Swiss Army Watch – A good example of what ‘Swiss Made’ really means

I’ve always valued Victorinox as a brand and they’ve never let me down with my previous purchases: For example I’ve got about ten Victorinox knives in the kitchen I’ve used for a good ten years now and own a couple of  Victorinox Swiss Cards (Amazon Link) that I think are just brilliant and practical – and all very high quality. So I decided to treat myself to a nice looking Victorinox Swiss Army Watch  (Amazon Link) that ticked all the boxes for me, the most important boxes ticked being a brown leather watch that also has a Sapphire glass. And after finding out that Victorinox makes these Swiss Army Watches for men. (And there are some really nice women’s watches too by Victorinox (Amazon Link)!) So of course I had to give one a go as a happy customer of Victorinox products!

I’ll try to show the watch in as many pictures as I can, as I know deciding whether you like a watch or not is mostly dependent on how it looks. And sometimes the retailer’s own pictures don’t really make any justice to the timepiece. And honestly I found it hard to do myself, as how the watch looks in the pictures is completely dependent on the lighting.

Without faffing about any further: Let’s get to it and I do hope you find this Victorinox Swiss Army watch review helpful! And please feel free to leave a comment and ask me anything about the watch and I will answer to my best of capabilities!


Victorinox Swiss Army Watch for Men - Brown Leather Strap Silver Dial
Check out the latest price and full product description on Amazon:
Victorinox Swiss Army Watch for Men 241767 (Amazon Link)


First some pictures of the watch and the packaging…

Victorinox Swiss Army Watch Review - Boxed

Victorinox Swiss Army Watch Review - Front Close-Up

Victorinox Swiss Army Watch Review - Front

Victorinox Swiss Army Watch Review - Back of the Watch

… And then back to it!

Swiss Quality

When I first received the watch I was surprised how heavy the box was, but in a good way. Everything just screams quality from the box all the way to the little leaflets that come with it – and the watch of course. The watch just feels very nice and sturdy all over. It has a nice weight to it, and I was very surprised by the nice feel of adjusting the time as well: It felt so sturdy and smooth in comparison to the previous watches I have owned. I wouldn’t say all my previous watches have been super cheap, but definitely not as nice as they’ve all been with mineral displays and Chinese Quartz and the difference is very clear for me at least without being an expert on the matter.

I’ll link to the HUGO BOSS Men’s Jackson watch (Amazon Link) that I’ve got in the picture underneath for comparison, so you can see the size difference of the 44mm Victorinox to the 40mm HUGO BOSS. As the difference is not just the width of the dial, but also the depth. And as you can see the Victorinox is definitely on the chunkier side!

I was initially not 100% certain if it was too chunky and thick – but I decided it wasn’t (for me anyways). But if you don’t like chunkier watches maybe go and see one in person first and decide then. I really do love the HUGO BOSS watch too, and still use it. But it’s a shame that the mineral dial window has some minor scratches to it. And after having owned 3 ‘nicer’ mineral dial window watches I’ve decided that I’ll upgrade and never go back to a mineral dial as in the long run it’s not worth it: So I was sure to choose my new watch with a Sapphire glass which I hope will last a lot longer in a better condition! (Hopefully at least – I’m sure one can ruin any watch with improper use.)

Hugo BOSS Jackson Watch & Victorinox Swiss Army Alliance Watch

The looks

Let’s face it, a watch is a watch – and most of the time you don’t even remember the existence of little stopwatch features or you can’t be bothered to fiddle with the date to correct it. You just wear it to tell the time – and for the looks.

And the looks I’ve found to be very versatile! This is because even if the watch is a bit on the chunky and flashy side, it is still very clean and with a bit of a classical manly vibe to it. Therefore I feel that I can wear it with anything from jeans and a T-shirt to when suited up.

And even if I do say so myself: I feel it really makes a difference and it’s worth paying attention to pairing your leather shoes with your belt and your watch. I’d like to point out that I’m not that fancy and not everything has to be super stylish or matchy-matchy, but one can easily look the part when pairing the watch with something like a nice pair of Clarks Men’s Twinley Limit Brogues (Amazon Link) as I have in the picture below. (Yes the picture is focused on the watch and shoes you can’t see properly, but matching the colours was the point and let’s leave it at that and keep focusing on the watch.)

In the picture above (and in some of the other pictures) you can perhaps notice the only downside I’ve come across so far: The bulky and shiny metal case of the watch also makes it a tiny bit more prone for collecting fingerprints!


As the ‘watch is just a watch’ and there’s nothing groundbreaking about it on the practical side of things, I’ll just mention that I find the dials always to be readable and that… Well it’s a watch. As previously mentioned there’s only so much one expects of such a timepiece, it shows the time and that’s it. And the rest are the looks and what kind of a statement it makes.

Do I think you should get one?

If you’re 100% certain that you don’t like watches that are a bit chunky side – then no.

But if you want a watch which two main selling-points are: The very high-quality Swiss construction and features, and the flashy but classy looks – then probably you would enjoy the watch as much as I do. So if you can tell from the pictures of the watch that this is something you like aesthetically, then I can recommend the watch if you’re looking for a flashy but classy leather watch that won’t let you down in terms of quality.

The watch also comes with an all-brown dial which also looks quite nice and an all metal-bracelet rather than the leather strap – and yes Amazon currently stocks all of them and you should be able to see them from the same product listing (The black one looks a bit boring for me so I personally wouldn’t recommend that – but each to their own I guess):

Victorinox Swiss Army Watch Review - Brown Leather Strap Silver Dial
Check out the latest price and full product description on Amazon:
Victorinox Swiss Army Watch for Men 241767 (Amazon Link)

Victorinox Swiss Army Watch Review

The Good!

  • Build Quality
  • Sapphire Glass
  • Swiss Movement
  • Swiss Made
  • Versatile Flashy but Classy Looks
  • Good value - Paying for quality and not just the brand!

The Bad!

  • Might be too chunky for some
  • Shiny case attracts the odd fingerprint
100 %
Build Quality
95 %
90 %
95 %

A very nice QUALITY watch indeed - Flashy but classy

The whole package is just of nice quality: Quality materials, quality construction, quality looks. Quality. I think that one word sums the watch up pretty well. And I guess that's what 'Swiss Made' means as well: Quality. Who wouldn't want a quality watch? A lot of the time I feel that these 'fashion watches' let you down, because they just stamp their brand logo like Emporio Armani or whatever on a cheap Chinese watch, and then when you just pay for the brand and not the watch itself you will eventually be let down by it. Luckily you can choose to pay for the quality too without having to pay for the brand!

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