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Updated 09/04/17: Fucntionality increased in verdict to 90 after finding out that the whiteboard actually wipes clean with the dry eraser very well after using it for some time.

Another useless purchase, or actually something useful?

Well, depends what kind of a person you are. I’m one of those people who can increase their productivity and hold several thoughts together better by writing them down. So at least I’m under the illusion that I need a whiteboard in my office. Ok, maybe you will get told off by your significant other but it’s worth it, trust me. (Or depending on your own situation… use caution with significant others!) Right, the whiteboard. I bought this whiteboard in January 2017 for £46.41 on Amazon.

Check out the latest price and full product description on Amazon:
Bi-Office Maya Enamel Aluminium Framed Whiteboard 90x60cm

Consider your needs – not just the size of your wall or decor…

I personally have never thought that any of my whiteboards (yep, that’s a plural!) have been too big, on the contrary. But this is something you should consider yourself. But please don’t buy the smallest one because of the price and thinking you’ll get by, as you will probably only feel silly about saving a few pounds for the smaller size and end up being sorry in the end. Probably. If you are going to put something on the wall, might as well do it once – right? Even if you don’t need all the space on the actual board for writing all the time, you can use the space by using magnets to put up something else of interest, assuming you’re going with a magnetic version. Which I’m hoping you would do. (See picture below)

… And how to put it up on the wall…

I used the plugs provided with this whiteboard. Granted, they aren’t suitable for the thin plasterboard I put the whiteboard on, but as the whiteboard wasn’t that heavy I decided to use the plugs rather than installing the whiteboard with proper anchor plugs. But if I would have chosen a bigger (heavier) whiteboard, I probably would have opted for a sturdier method.

The whiteboard is super easy to install, you just drill the holes, put the plugs in, and screw the board on, and then snap in the corner pieces:

TIP: Most small spirit levels are magnetic, so if you got one of those use it to make sure you get it right on the first try. (I did have to prop the spirit level up with a couple of 20mm Nobo magnets because the cheap spirit level wouldn’t stay on the whiteboard securely)


… And what to clean it with?

The whiteboard came with a nice little leaflet telling you how to use it and how to clean it. Well thank you nice little leaflet, but I’m not going to let my life be dictated by a nice little leaflet telling me what to do. They say you should use their own Bi-Office Whiteboard Cleaner. Now, I have a bit of a problem with things like if you need to buy a ‘solotasker’ for cleaning a single little thing that probably could be cleaned with a lot of different products. I have to say I did try normal Ajax Lemon spray solution and it made the wiping of the board smudge everything quite badly. (Probably a layer of stuff left on the whiteboard) And after realising this I tried a window cleaner, and it worked just fine.

I found this page online that also lists as window cleaner as your go-to product. Now the Staedtler 351 Lumocolour markers I’m using wipe very well when they’ve dried on the board when wiping with Artline Drywipe Whiteboard Eraser. But if I write something and wipe it off immediately, I need to wipe it a few times before it gets cleaned. It might be the eraser, it might be the markers, it might be the board, or the combination. But like mentioned the markers wipe off very well when your scribbles have dried up a little. But at the end of the day even if it was because of the board, it wasn’t that expensive that I would mind.

I think the board looks more expensive than it is with the slight glossy and very smooth surface:

And the tray on the whiteboard will fit 4 normal size markers quite nicely:

Do I think you should get one?

Coming back to it what I mentioned in the beginning… What kind of a person are you? Do you NEED one? If you still really do think you need one, I can recommend the Bi-Office make which admittedly was a bit of a gamble for myself as they had (and still at the time of writing this have) 0 reviews on Amazon for this product. I’d say get this make, or something on par or better and more expensive. But please don’t save on a whiteboard purchase! They’ve meant to keep you company for decades and you’ll probably enjoy a higher quality of life if you don’t have to spend hours every week trying to clean a subpar whiteboard because you wanted to save £20!

Bi-Office Maya Enamel Aluminium Framed Whiteboard 90x60cm

The Good!

  • Price and quality meets
  • Cleans well
  • Slim and light design

The Bad!

  • None (YET!)
90 %
Build Quality
70 %
90 %

Nothing much to say... is a whiteboard after all. It's not the most exciting thing there is. This one serves the purpose well, and as long as you make sure you buy the right size and install it correctly and clean it with correct product(s), and use correct markers - you can't go wrong with this! Just remember: Don't cheap out on the size or the quality! You won't regret getting a whiteboard that exceeds your wants and needs! (Unless there's a weird amount of wants and needs towards a whiteboard... And to that I have to say calm down! It's only a whiteboard)

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