Hot Sauces

This page is dedicated to my quest in finding the BEST hot sauce on

I’ve lately looked into making my own hot sauce, but unfortunately the most of the chilies aren’t really ‘in season’ in the middle of Winter so I will try to find the best hot sauce there is on Amazon. And then eventually when I make my own improve on that type of a sauce that I’ve found to be the best – if at all possible.

I have just been craving something hot for such a long time – and finally I decided to order a bunch of hot sauces on Amazon. Reason being that unfortunately none of the shops around where I live seem to sell anything hotter than Sriracha, or anything that looks like it could be actually nice. “Evil One” was the cheapest of the bunch that I ordered, so I thought I would start with this one and ‘work my way up’. I’ll try to go through the hot sauces very carefully that I bought and review them to see if there’s actually any decent ones that you can get delivered to your home that don’t cost a fortune – but are still nice. (And eventually order more when I’m done with the 5 I got in my first batch I chose based on other people’s reviews.)

And just to clarify I’m not a proper ‘chilihead’ – but more of a moderate user that’s fairly accustomed to the occasional kick in the gut of the Capsicum variety.

These ‘reviews’ won’t be in the same format than the other ones on this page, as I will just very briefly get to the point of each sauce looking at the following:

  • Consistency
  • Ingredients
  • Smell
  • Taste & Burn

Let the quest begin!

PS. I will list and rank the sauces accordingly a bit better once I’ve had enough to form a sort of a list.

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